About Us

As a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer I have been blessed to see and perform many Diagnostic Ultrasounds. When my husband and I went to our first OB appointment we were so excited. The anticipation of waiting for that day to come was overwhelming. We couldn't wait to see our baby, but the experience turned out to be a little underwhelming from what we hoped for. The techs only priority understandably was getting the diagnostic images in a time sufficient manner and after the appointment all we got was a quick glimpse at the screen and one 2D picture to take home with us. We left that appointment thankful to have gotten to see our little one, but it left us both wanting more. 

It was in that moment that Bundle of Joy 3D/4D Ultrasound was inspired. My passion in school had always been OB Ultrasounds. I knew I could create a wonderful early bonding experience and space for other expecting moms/families like the one my husband and I had longed for. I put my two weeks in at the hospital where I worked and put all of my focus and energy into creating and opening Bundle of Joy. At 8 months pregnant Bundle of Joy was born! I was able to combine my experiences in Ultrasound and in my pregnancy to make our studio the best that it can be for mom’s and expecting families.

We understand how special and exciting these moments are. Our goal is to create that early bonding experience and opportunity for you and your loved ones. We want you to leave here with the pictures and video that you hoped for! Along with any of the additional items and packages we offer.

Come in and let us treat you like the VIP that you are!